4 Wedding Decor Ideas To Have On Your Big Day

Get married to a person you love in no matter one of the best feelings and everyone wishes to make the ceremony as beautiful and attractive as possible. Apart from your love, the venue decor plays a major role in making your whole wedding day enticing.

Decorations in weddings have surpassed the typical standards of simple hangings or scrunched up drapes and cliched floral arrangements a long time back. From centering it around the set theme to amping up the tiniest of elements of the decor, wedding decoration ideas have taken a huge heap. Some of the affordable yet elegant decor items you can try are -


1. Heart-shaped sparklers

Heart shaped sparklers are the perfect choice for couples who wish to combine the romanticism with glitter. You can you them either around the cake or to light up your path as you leave for your happily ever-after. With the best heart shaped sparklers, you can materialize your dream exit from the venue.


2. Wedding poppers

Wedding poppers can be another item you can use to make you departure dramatic. As they are fun and an eco-friendly, they make a good option for the ceremony. You can have a blast and mark a new beginning of life in a memorable way. Besides, you would not have to worry about cleaning after the ceremony as they are bio-degradable. All you have to do is to pop it and enjoy it.


3. Bubbles in Champagne Bottles

If you are someone who wishes to give a majestic touch to your wedding, bubbles in champagne bottles make a good options. As these bubble solutions come in tiny champagne bottle, you can have bubbles floating all-around your wedding. Guests of all ages will surely enjoy participating in this fun way to celebrate your newlywed status.


4. Napkin rings

Finally, you can look forward to buying the napkin rings for your wedding. When you need to place all the napkins in a well-aligned manner on the wedding table, you can get napkin rings in different designs. Not only will they keep the napkin in nice shapes, but they can also highlight their presence with their unique designs. Some of the common designs that you can find are butterfly design, heart design, and star shape design.


If you wish to add charm and elegance to your wedding decor, you can buy wedding sparklers and other items and surely this leave will the guests in awe.

Author’s Bio- The author is an avid writer. This article is about wedding favors.

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