8 Essentials Every Bride Needs To Have On Her Big Day

No one can deny that the morning of a wedding can be a bit restless for the bride. There are many things to do and think about, and little things can get neglected. And a bride will know how those little things can make the day a lot more convenient and pleasurable. Which is why we have come up with a few essentials to help any bride feel sorted on her wedding day.

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Clear nail varnish

From promptly fixing a chipped manicure to stopping runs in stockings and even holding on a button that’s on its last thread, clear nail varnish is one of the big day essentials.



Let’s be real, a few tears may be shed. Be sure to keep some tissues in your clutch – or maybe a white handkerchief for extra ladylike-ness – for those crying moments.


Cereal bars

Frequent cheek kissing, guest greeting, and champagne-sipping mean it can be hard to remember to eat when you’re the one in the white dress. So pack a couple of cereal bars to snack on and keep hunger at bay.


Blister plasters

Don’t let pinching heels and rubbing toes hinder you from throwing some serious moves on the dance floor. If all else breaks, there’s nothing more lovable than a barefoot bride who chucks her heels in the corner at the end of the night.


Flip flops

Tired of your heels that only make you suffer? A pair of flip flops will come to your rescue. So make sure you look for the best bridal flip flops wedge.



No bride would like to keep her lipstick intact while drinking a glass of wine. So make sure to put a tiny straw in your purse. It is not only a whole lot more fun but also keeps your lips looking photo-ready all night.


Safety pins

In the course of the moment, there’s no time to move around with a sewing kit. If you’re about to walk down the aisle and there’s a wedding dress emergency, you’ll thank the lucky stars you put a few safety pins in your purse.



Make sure your breath is absolutely fresh for your first marital peck ‘You may now kiss the bride!’ So pack some mints in your bridal survival kit.


It is always great to keep everything ready for your big day. Look for the best bridal flip flops wedge, and consider these few tips mentioned in this guide.

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