A Guide To Your Wedding Gift Table

Setting up a wedding table is never on the top of the list of any couples while they make preparations for their wedding. But a wedding gift table is a significant part of any wedding. Consider the following tips and set an amazing wedding gift table.

1. Don’t skip it

The first and the most important thing to remember is to never skip a wedding table at the wedding. Online registries and Paypal honeymoon funds surely have taken a rise but still, there are so many people that bear physical gifts. They need a clear place to put them. Some people will also come with cash gifts and congratulatory cards and they definitely need the best glass wedding card box. So make sure to keep the best wedding gift card box on the wedding table.


2. Cover the basics

Wedding gift tables generally consist of a table draped with linen and covered with best wedding gift card boxes. You can add something from the perspective of your decor so that the table can properly complement the wedding style. Also, add a thank you message for their appreciation but do not label too much


3. Don’t just stick it anywhere

Your wedding table should be easy to find for the guests but do not place it too close to the entrance or exit of the venue if you do not want it to become an easy target for theft. Of course, all eyes will be on the gorgeous bride and there’s a lot of loot sitting on that table. So set an appropriate place for the wedding table to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


4. Decorate

Get creative with some flowers and a table cloth that matches your color palette. You can decorate the table with your kinder garden, college and engagement pictures if you both have been dating for a long time. Although you guys would definitely be sending some thank you cards to your guest but it would be worthwhile if you scrawl a thank you in an elegant frame.


5. Play it safe

Wedding gifts can go missing. Consider keeping the best wedding card gift box that comes with a lock. You can also ask a friend or any of your relatives to keep an eye on the table and then relocate the box and cards to a safer location. If you are having a very large wedding ceremony, you can also consider keeping security!


The most important thing is to take all your gifts back home! Many couples forget taking their gifts as they get it relocated in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

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