How To Plan For Your Theme Wedding

Weddings can take months to plan: after all, it the most important event in your life. Planning for a themed wedding is all about focusing on the details. Some couples take their wedding theme to an extreme. If you are planning for a theme wedding, you need to make it as successful as possible by taking it all the way through each element. While theme weddings being quite popular, most couples are confused as to what exactly it is and how to plan for it. This is why we are here to get you started, so get down and start with the wedding planning.

1. Pick a theme

This is the first and the most important step of planning for a theme wedding. You need to choose a wedding theme. Whether you and your partner love beer, Disney movie or beach, you can convert this common interest into a unique and special theme wedding. Pick something that fits and compliments your personality.


2. Make unique wedding invitations

Invitations are one of the best ways to introduce and show your wedding theme to your guests. For example, if your wedding theme is somewhere around nature, then grass, trees, and flowers would work and if it is a beach, you can go with tropical style invitations. You can also list special wardrobe requests if you plan to require your guests dress according to the theme.


3. Pick a location

After the theme and invitation, it is time to choose a location for your wedding. If you choose a romantic, fairy tale theme wedding, a romantic castle would be the best wedding location. If you choose a theme around nature, you can consider a tranquil wood setting, whereas, in the case of a beach theme, we all know the perfect location.


4. Choose the right music and food

Wedding music and food are the next best way to carry out your wedding theme in a beautiful manner. It is especially amazing for the cultural wedding themes where Italian or African music sets the theme and make everyone go gaga. While music is amazing, the food menu is another important thing that should be perfect to make your wedding an unforgettable and memorable event for the guests.


Along with being interesting, theme weddings are a lot of fun for both you and your guests. It would only require a few creative ideas to make your wedding the most memorable event of your life. You can also look for various wedding decor items such as unique kissing bells place cardholders. You can find bell place card holders online.

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