How To Prepare For a Beautiful Wedding Sparkler Exit

One of the most popular trends when bride and groom exists reception venue is the sparkler exit. When the cheers are over and the last piece of confetti has floated down on the sticky dance floor, it comes to the exuberant bride and groom exit. If you’re getting married soon, buy wedding sparklers and follow this guide to your beautiful sparkler exit moment.

Choosing a sparkler

Sparklers are beautiful, no doubt. No matter how you use them, you can practically feel the excitement in the air. Nonetheless, when it comes to choosing them, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. First, you should determine the size of the sparkler, and it is significant to choose the correct size. You can try purchasing the longest sparklers possible as they are not just long-lasting but also have a more extended burn rate and cast more ambient light on the group. Bear in mind that short sparklers can cast a harsher light, burn quickly, and be more of a fire hazard because the flame is in the crowd rather than high above it. Try avoiding sparklers that have too many chemicals.


Lighting methods to know for a perfect sparkler exit

To get it right when lighting sparklers is to get them all lit in a timely fashion. Remember that the clock is ticking as soon as the first sparkler is lit, and, before they start to fizzle out. You also need to have plenty of time to make your way down the exit line, and every second that it takes to get all of the sparklers lit eats into your timeline.


How to prepare for the amazing sparkler exit and capture the moment

For this, you have to communicate with your wedding photographer. He can help you plan the exit way and to capture the perfect moment at the right time. As you walk down the path, you can strike a few poses and allow the photographer to capture a few shots. You can also take a quick test shot before the rapid-fire as you exit down the rest of the path


Oh, Wait! How about a dramatic kiss as friends pop the wedding party poppers or a wave to your friends and family? Also, make sure that you walk slowly and enjoy the last moments of the reception.

Make your wedding exit a super memorable and unique one. Start planning for it and buy wedding sparklers.


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