Unique Ways To Use Place Card Holders in Parties

There are many ways you can use place card holders in parties. Some party hosts use them simply as favors while others use these beautiful pieces to let the guests know where they should sit (by placing on the table) or drop their gifts. If you have a celebration coming, you can buy nautical place card holders, and also follow these few place card holder tips mentioned below:

Airplane design place Card holder

If you have a going-away or arriving-home event, an airplane placecard holder can bring a nostalgic vibe to your event tables. Look for pieces made from molded poly resin that feature the iconic shape of an airplane. Make sure they are hand-painted in antique gold with black highlights to ensure you buy the most beautiful ones. The best part of this piece is you can use it not just for placing a card but also for a photo.


Gold glitter frame

Everything that shines beautifully is irresistible! A gold glitter frame makes a perfect place card holder, especially at weddings. You can use it as place card holders for guests or name dishes on the buffet. After the party, guests can also take the frame home, and reuse it as a photo frame if they would want to do so.


Adirondack chair frame

This is a very cute and creative way to display names or a photo on the party table. And if you host a party on the beach, look for an Adirondack chair card frame online that is hand-painted and provides a decorative touch to beach events. Chair frames made of polyresin are a perfect choice as guests can also use them later.


Rustic real wood

When it is all about trees and nature, only real wood will do. If you’re hosting a party in the lap of nature, the rustic real wood place card holder makes a perfect choice to place on guests’ tables. So be sure to look for a circular, real-wood place card/photo holder with visible age circles and a slit on the top for a place card or photo.


Beaded photo frame

You can fill the gleaming metal frame with a place card or a favorite photo. A beaded photo frame also makes one of the best party favors. When guests take this lovely piece home, they can fill the frame with a favorite photo of their own.


So what are you waiting for? If you have a celebration coming, buy nautical place card holders, and also follow these few tips mentioned in this guide.

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